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Ganja Gold THC Cartridge .5g

Ganja Gold

Ganja Gold Vape pens don’t get much more stylish, discrete or more well-made than Ganja Gold’s Hellfire OG Live Resin CO2 Oil cartridge and battery. Each cart comes in its own gold cardboard packaging with the strain name and THC percentage on it. The cart contains 500mg of CO2 oil from a supercritical extraction of fresh, “live” Hellfire OG—a popular phenotype of OG Kush. The oil is super refined for purity, which gives the oil a higher THC percentage, while making it extremely smooth. The terpene profile is 100 percent natural and well reflected with every draw. Each cart screws onto a standard 510 thread vape pen battery that runs best at either 6 watts or 3.3 volts, and the oil is all-natural with no additives. The thin pen is among the smallest, strongest and lightest on the market and features no buttons—you just sip the steel mouthpiece to draw vapor. Their well-crafted CO2 extraction and purification process really makes the vapor smell like a lighter version of the flower. This is a must have if you can get your hands on them!


Type: Cartridge